Benefits of Membership

Membership of Planta Medica confers both direct and indirect benefits. Direct benefits include a likely return on investment and reduced pricing over non-members, straight forward simple economic benefits. However, as a co- operative, this is seen as secondary; the primary aims being centred on benefitting the community as a whole. Simply the knowledge that excesses generated are being used to assist in the future development and sustainability of herbal medicine through your direct input is valuable in of itself. The co-operative model also engenders loyalty and creates long term stability of supply. Many of the owners within the current model are approaching retirement age, which means a likely period of instability and ownership change, which rarely brings benefit to the consumer. The ongoing re-investment of co-operative funds allows for a kaizen approach to the business. It appears now to be less and less likely that statutory regulation of herbalists will proceed. Whilst section 12:1 must remain, there will be no real avenues open for the supply of finished goods to herbalists. The formation of a co-operative will help to provide this avenue. Whilst legal advice has not been taken on this issue; logically it is clear that any challenge to the co- operative model would be more difficult to uphold. The model also allows for more innovation, something that is now totally stifled in other sectors of the industry.

Summary of benefits

  • Competitive pricing
  • Enhanced quality
  • Shared ownership
  • Loyalty
  • Ongoing re-investment in herbal medicine
  • Practitioner control and input
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  • Ongoing education
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Returns on investment
  • Stability

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